Me Time

Recipe for  Blissful Moments

1 Large cup of coffee sweetened with honey
1 Basket filled with embroidery floss and a current project
Pandora’s 60’s Folk Radio or Classic Indie Radio (to taste)

It looks a little something like this

Blissful Moments

That weird looking red embroidered hair blob is my next endeavor!



I am perusing a series titled “Me Time”. It will encompass all the things I love to do by myself; the things that always cheer me up or calm me down. The things that keep me sane. The characters won’t look like me necessarily because I believe these are things that a lot of people do to relax. It’s for everyone. (I am testing my first doodle on some scrap fabric, so please pardon the fabric pills.)

Enjoy the sneak peek and keep visiting to keep up with this current project!


3 responses

  1. I love me time 🙂 Mine also tends to include coffee and crafts. Interesting that we love to drink coffee (like dad) and craft (like mom). I’m excited for your series! You are making me think seriously about trying my hand at cross stitch and embroidery.

    • Do it, Ash! It’s such a fun medium because you can take any doodle or photo and with a little bit of transfer paper on fabric, make a fun piece of art! Plus, embroidery floss, hoops and needles are cheap.

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