Lipton Landing

I have smelled like soup this entire week, but I am not complaining necessarily.

We began with French Onion Soup (soupe a l’oignon gratinee), Consomme Brunoise, Potage Mulligatawny (creamy curry soup with chicken and bacon), and Potage Cultivateur (vegetable soup with consomme). More soups will be coming in the upcoming week.

Potage Cultivateur

I added a little chicken in my Potage Cultivateur once I got home, and it was delicious.

Potage Mulligatawny

‘Potage’ is a fancy word for soup in French, but then again, so is the word ‘soupe’, go figure.

Browsing the soup aisle you probably have seen consomme. Before I made consomme, I honestly had no idea what made it any different from a broth or a stock, but now I have the answer! Consomme is clarified, stock is not.

You begin with stock, then add a mixture of raw ground beef, egg whites, onion, celery, carrot, and tomatoes to it. As you bring the stock to a simmer, the egg whites and beef coagulate and form something they call a “raft” that floats on top of the hot stock. While the stock simmers the bubbles find a thin spot in the raft. The bubbles carry any impurities from the stock or the meat and the raft filters all of that junk out. It looks a lot like a volcano. In the end you are left with a crystal clear consomme. To tell if the consomme is good, you must put it in a clear bowl and be able to read a newspaper through it. Or you could just taste it and judge it that way!

On Tuesday I will be doing something I never really had thought about when I signed up for culinary school. Something my vegetarian friends will certainly cringe at or anyone that loves animals.

I will be killing a lobster.

During the Demo today, our substitute French Chef Instructor ripped into this poor little guy with gusto, starting with the claws, then down the tail before he split his tiny little head right between the eyes. It was kind of brutal. I always thought you were supposed to stun the lobster first before hacking away? According to Chef, that is unnecessary. However, I am making it necessary. I can’t bring myself to chop up a lobster before stunning it. I’m no vegetarian, but I’m a little sentimental towards how quickly something is killed.

Oh yeah, the lobster will be for Lobster Bisque! And dammit, if Lobster Bisque isn’t one delicious soup.

Sorry, my little lobster compadre.

Update Alert!

I have been diligently working on my first go-round of the “Me Time” embroidery project, and I have finished one!

Reading Lady “Me Time”

I am treating it mostly as a rough draft to see what kind of stitches, colors and fillings to use. Also, I am going to mess around with the background fabric color and see what kind of effects I can create color-wise.

Hair detail on the Reading Lady

I’ve been sketching some more “Me Time” ladies, and I can’t wait to put them into stitch.

Have an enjoyable day and thanks for reading!


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