The Early Bird

Halloween is slowly, but steadily, approaching and I refused to let it sneak up on me again this year! You can only pull of a bed sheet toga so many times before you become predictable.

This year I am going to be a parrot. Yes, a parrot. I will be creating this entire costume myself, as well!

Looks like fun, right?

The felt will be for the feathers and the glittery foam will be for a mask (beak). I also have some feathers, red t-shirt and ribbon there. I am still working out the details in my head, but construction should begin sooner rather than later. Why so soon? I am a lucky girl, lucky enough to have a certain boyfriend of mine to be Jafar for a matching costume set!

I will be making him a hat and a snake scepter after I finish my Iago costume.

Class has moved quickly from sauces to soups to vegetables and now tomorrow we will be making fettuccine alfredo! It is hard to believe that there are only two more weeks left of this semester. Everything moves so quickly it is hard to take the time to appreciate how much I’ve learned along the way, especially between full time work and full time school. A girl has got to sleep!

Why don’t I just leave some of these food pictures here for you to enjoy?

Lentil Salad with Vinaigrette

Pasta e’Fagioli

Braised Lettuce Rolls stuffed with bacon and breadcrumbs


3 responses

  1. YES! I love Halloween and have already started planning for crafts. I haven’t thought about a costume yet, though. I told Ryan I wish I could just stay home to make crafts, I’m sure that would work for our household budget, right?! 😉
    Haven’t caught up on your blog entries and maybe shouldn’t this morning – I’m hungry enough already!

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