Eat More Potatoes

Pommes Duchess

Happy Potato Day!

It may not be a national holiday, but it certainly was at school today. We made potatoes in five different ways. All delicious, but the best had to be the mashed potatoes or Pommes Puree. Mashed potatoes are mouth watering to begin with but once you add a few ounces of butter and almost 2 cups of cream, they becoming irresistible. That may be why I ate almost the entire pan by myself during class.

It was my most favorite breakfast yet!

Yours Truly and Pommes Frites

The Pommes Frites (french fries) were not bad either.

Pommes Duchess

The Pommes Duchess had to be the most beautiful out of all the dishes. Creamy mashed potatoes piped out and glazed with an eggwash, and then baked in an oven made these pillowy mounds perfect for any Duchess.

Gratin Dauphinois

Though Gratin Dauphinois does not win the beauty contest, it has the flavor to kick any of these dishes butts. Thinly sliced potato with cream, butter, and topped with bubbly Gruyere cheese- you can’t go wrong!

Steaming Pommes Boulangere

Pommes Boulangere is a simple dish of thick slices of potatoes and onion, briefly sauteed in butter, then baked in an oven with chicken stock until tender. It is yummy, but is hard to stand up to the flavor of the other creamy and cheesy companions.

Culinary Foundations Kitchen

I love going to school.

Costume Update!

I have finished the wings for my parrot costume!

Parrot Wings

They may look kind of small, but I have short stubby arms, so just 2 lengths of felt fit them perfectly.

I also finished the beau’s Jafar hat! With my first attempt of making a felt hat- I am very pleased. I stitched up the sides with black embroidery thread and used two smaller side panels of felt to make the hat large enough. I had trouble finding a large center stone for the base of the feather, so I grouped multiple gems together instead. It looks kind of like a flower, which I was not going for at all. However, if I do find a large gem, I will be ripping those smaller ones off in a second.

Jafar Hat

The next pieces for these costumes are a red feather necklace for the parrot, which I will be doing a tutorial on in my next post, and a snake scepter out of polymer clay.

Enjoy and stay tuned!


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  1. Okay..I found this by typing in Jafar’s hat and then a link to Pinterst. Can you send me a link to your tutorial for Jafar’s hat and the Iago’s necklace. I am doing Aladdin Jr for my middle school in Virginia and I am costuming./

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