It’s the little things.

Sometimes it is the little things that make us happy. This weekend is a perfect example. My lovely mother and older sister came to visit me in the city for the weekend, and we had a blast doing things that weren’t too crazy in the slightest. I think we would all agree that a trip to the Como Zoo and Conservatory was a highlight.

The Three Girls under hanging cucumbers

We all love gardens, my sister being a forester herself, so a picture above a canopy of hanging cucumbers was too good to pass up.

Other little things that make me happy are eggs. Eggs are packed with protein, majorly delicious and super cheap! They are my go-to super food. On the previous Thursday, eggs ran our classroom, and the star of the whole day was eggs Benedict.

Funny story: Since eggs benedict is a fairly quick dish, we made our hollandaise sauce first so our poached eggs would not get overcooked. Our finished hollandaises sat, covered, on a ledge between our back to back stoves to stay warm.

(Hollandaise is a warm butter and egg yolk mixture, and if the mixture gets cold, the butter and eggs separate. This is called “breaking”, and it is not good. It is so not good that it forces you to remake your sauce. There is no saving it.)

Anyway, so there my hollandaise sits, and this hollandaise just happened to be the best hollandaise that I’ve made for the entire semester. So, it is sitting on the ledge, I am just about to take our my eggs, and the stove gets bumped. I hear a clash and my hollandaise bowl slides down between the stoves. Trapped.

I immediately yell “Chef! I have a problem. My hollandaise is between the stoves!”

Chef, “Hmm, that does sound like a problem.”

He immediately pulled out one of the stoves and a long-limbed classmate of mine was able to reach back far enough to get it. It was all pretty comical because I wrapped that sucker so tight that none of my hollandaise escaped and I didn’t have to make a new one!

Eggs Benedict with the runaway Hollandaise

My eggs Benedict was a labor of love and luck.

The third thing that makes me happy is this.


I know, I know. Paint-by-Numbers are so silly. Especially silly with my bachelors of fine art degree hanging around. But no matter how silly it is, I love the slow, steady process of them. Plus, I feel real satisfaction after I finish a Paint-by-Number.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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