It’s been very busy in Food Land! Last week was the end of the semester, so it was filled with written tests, presentations and practical exams. The last two dishes I worked on in Foundations 2 was Salade Bretonne and Salade de’ Pinards.

Salade Bretonne

I must admit that Salad Bretonne is not my favorite. It is a cold seafood and white bean salad with shrimp, mussels  navy beans, cauliflower and tomato. It is just a strange combination  The shrimp were mighty delicious, however.

Salade de’ Pinards

Salade de’ Pinards may not sound appetizing, but it is mouthwatering. Poached egg, bacon, croutons and – chicken livers!

I know, I know. Chicken livers. No one seems to like livers mostly because of their rubbery texture after being cooked for too long. For this salad the livers cook for 3 minutes, 4 minutes tops, and the livers were nice and juicy and soft. Not rubbery in the slightest.

This week is a whole new ball game and we are making entire menus instead of individual dishes. Yesterday we made Roast Chicken with jus, grandmere garniture ( which is bacon, mushrooms, pearl onions and potatoes- super yum!), and mashed potatoes.

Now, I’ve been lucky in the kitchen so far, no major catastrophes and those that could have been, were narrowly avoided.

Yesterday was not the case.

The roast chicken begins in a hot hot oven to brown the skin. A classmate and I were sharing an oven, which we had preheated, and after checking on our chicken a couple of times we realized our chicken was doing absolutely nothing. Slightly annoyed, we moved them to another oven. Finally, the chicken was browning a little bit, but still not to the degree it should have been. We called our chef over and again, he told us the stove appeared to be broken. At this point we had wasted 30 minutes due to oven hopping so we were both getting flustered. Luckily, we found an empty oven that was piping hot and both of our chickens turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, some crazy woman took all of my chicken and ate 1/2 of my plate before I got to take a picture!

That crazy lady may have been me.

Moral of the story: always check your oven. Then, check it twice.

And to be safe, check it a third time. For your own sanity.

Enjoy your beautiful Fall week everyone!


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