Research Project Makeover

I am terribly sorry for my absence!

Life is tricky and full of schedules. Lately, my schedule has been full of travel, work and school- I barely have time to make myself food at night! (My options have been reduced to chicken flavored ramen.)

Please, take this post as my apology.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon creating a project for school. What does kind of projects do culinary students work on you might ask?

Caviar. A research project on caviar.

Chef made it very clear that creativity boosts the grade, so I went all out and made “A Pocket Guide to Caviar”.

A Pocket Guide to Caviar

Isn’t it cute?! The size is roughly 3×5 inches, with a felt cover, a sewn on red fish and a red ribbon to wrap around it.

Trout Caviar page

Inside, there is a brief history on caviar, a how-to-eat-it guide, and 18 different types of fish and their caviar. Not to mention a caviar cocktail recipe in which you put ice cold vodka in a glass and allow a spoonful of caviar to sink to the bottom before you drink it. The Russian influence is very clear, there.

Besides this little book, my crafting projects have been on hold. My goal is to create the final piece of my Halloween costume this weekend and show it to you all on Sunday.

It’s all about the small goals.

Enjoy and have a great day!


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