Riding the fence

I am on the fence about veal.

It was once a cute calf, but now it is Blanquette de veau.

Blanquette de Veau

It is a moral dilemma, much like the killing of the lobster. Cooking veal, something I just had to do.

I fed most of it to our chef.

The escalope was very fun to make, though. The veal was boiled for almost 2 hours, until fork tender. It kept warm in a veal veloute sauce with carrots, pearl onions, and mushrooms. It was served in a puff pastry shell.

Escalope de veau is not as interesting, much like a chicken fried steak, served with potato balls (of course, that is not the Frenchified version of the word). The garnish of lemon, anchovy, parsley and olive is pretty cute though!

Escalope de veau


Want to see a fun dish?

Sole de poppiette! Isn’t that little crayfish adorable? Chef made him do that for me. Such a show off.

Poppiette de Sole


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