Wabbit Season!

Nearing the end of my third semester, I have made my favorite dish to date.

Rabbit in a rich mustard sauce with potatoes and homemade pasta Alfredo.

You may have noticed that the pasta is black. This is 100% on purpose!

I actually used squid ink mixed in with the dough. The ink stains everything, and wearing a white chef’s coat is very dangerous, but I am very glad that I took the risk. I used such a small amount that it did not affect the taste of the pasta, just made it look really cool. The Alfredo also has sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and basil it. So good!

This was the first time I ever ate rabbit, and I thought it was delicious. It kind of tasted like dark meat chicken. I would eat it again, although I love bunnies a lot. They are so darn cute!

This weekend I will be going on an adventure to Kansas City, Mo, to search for apartments and a restaurant for my externship at the end of the school year! It will be a busy weekend, but one that I am looking forward to. I have one particular place in mind called The Farmhouse. It is in Downtown KC, and uses local ingredients to create inventive menus of American/French cuisine. I was lucky enough to win a $25 gift certificate for being their 3,000th friend on Facebook, so I can afford to try it out!

(p.s. If you did not catch the Looney Tunes reference, I feel sorry for you.)


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