Eager Beaver

Cross stitching is appealing for so many reasons, with one of my favorite being the pace. It is slow, methodical and easy to put it down and pick it up again. My very first project was a 5×7 inch Snow White scene that I bought in a kit.

Snow White Cross Stitch

It took months, but was perfect since I was on winter break.

However, since my schedule has become more packed, I have less and less time to invest in long, elaborate cross stitch patterns. Every once in a while I get in the mood and create little ditties that take minimal amount of time, yet I still get my fix.

I made this “Be Calm” sign just as a reminder to chill out, something I believe everyone needs to remember. It just happens to be inspired by one of my favorite songs by the band Fun.

A few days ago I got a request from my sister to make a cute little sign for her friend. She wanted it to say ‘no worries’ with either a beaver or a tree. I immediately got onion to search for patterns for beavers and came upon a teeny tiny picture of a beaver.

I first drafted the design on cross stitching paper, which can be found at any craft store. The placement of the beaver is what I was really figuring out. I stitched the words on the material first, then began stitching the beaver.

I chose dark green for the wording, a dark brown and grey-brown for the beaver. My sister’s friend and my sister are both Foresters, so this color scheme was a no-brainer.

I am super excited about this little guy! He is adorable, and I can’t wait to put him in the mail to go to his new home.

If anyone wants a little saying or doodle done with cross stitch, please just ask! I love taking requests and am willing to make a custom design for you.



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