Flaky layer, by flaky layer

I still have not converted to the dark side (a.k.a. Pastry student), but I have been making some pretty cool things.

As I have mentioned previously, our Chef takes pity on us poor culinary folk and tries to make things easier for us. One of those things, that I greatly appreciate, is letting us use a mixer.


So, for things like puff pastry and sweet brioche doughs, which are either very stiff or very sticky, we let the mixer do it for us! I know my pastry friends are jealous.

My favorite thing that we have made are croissants.

butter coissant

What I have learned is that croissants are really not that complicated to make. It’s all about folding butter into the dough and then folding that dough upon itself 3 or 4 other times. It is important to use room temperature butter; however, I learned the hard way.

By using ice cold butter from the walk-in… how smart of me.

ham and cheese

Luckily, everything worked out! We made chocolate, butter (plain), and ham and cheese croissants. The ham and cheese ones are divine. Even my 12 year old brother agreed, and he hates everything.


For the past few months I’ve been searching for the perfect yearly planner. I only wanted a portable planner with a month calendar, and spaces big enough for me to write in. Alas, I don’t think anyone makes such a thing. As a substitute I’ve been carrying around a sad piece of paper that I drew a calendar on.


Sad, right?

So, I decided to create my own! (Of course)


I used an adorable piece of scrapbook paper and a hard, clear cover that I bought at the UPS store. I even made it an official book and bound it using  a wonderful tutorial from SAS does.


And look at all the space in the boxes where I can write stuff! The weird clear stuff over the thread is super glue. I was scared the plastic cover would cut the thread otherwise.


I really get excited about simple things that make my life a little more enjoyable.


2 responses

  1. I totally used that same scrapbook paper to make some books! It’s adorable.

    And yeah, calendars with spaces big enough for me to write in, basically a pipe dream.

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