Cake Day

Nearing the end of another semester. I must say, I am looking forward to a break back home.

I am also looking forward to cooking. Enough of this baking stuff. I’m sure my body will thank me, too.

We made a cake this past week, and it had to say ‘Happy Birthday’ on it, written in chocolate. I wish we could have written something more festive.

It is a Chiffon Cake with Swiss Buttercream. Want to know something about Swiss Buttercream? It had a lot of butter in it, if you can imagine. Just how much?

Two pounds.cake1

First, I cut that cake in half.



As I cut up the cake I whipped my buttercream.


I put a thick layer between the pillowy layers and another one on top to begin the “crumb coat”. The crumb coat is the ugly layer that collects all the crumbs and leaves a perfect canvas for the outside layer.



See? Crumb coat! It is not pretty.



The final layer of buttercream.



I had to do all the dots around it because I accidentally dropped a dot as I made the ‘H’. I’m quite pleased with it.



This is the finished birthday cake. I colored the leftover buttercream a light bluish green for the piping.

I’m not in a rush to make another one, so I’m sorry for anyone with a birthday coming up. You won’t be getting one of these babies.

In other news: I’m still so excited for Christmas! You should be too.



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