Because your floors need attention, too.

I’ve been enjoying my break from school and work. It is been filled with 5 Christmas celebrations, organizing all of my stuff at home for a move to Kansas City and, of course, crafting!

Silly me, I thought I’d be too busy to craft so I left my trusty craft bin in Minnesota. Lucky for me, this made me think of something new to do, which is never a bad thing.

I love making functional home items, so that the creative spirit can be around me at all times. Since I had no yarn around me, I decided to make my own. Out of T-Shirts. My best friend’s mother happened to have an entire stash of old T-shirts just begging to be re-purposed  so we found this wonderful tutorial and began slicing away.


We first made a woven rug from the T-shirt yarn, which were very cute, but a little small. The rectagular rug is roughly 11″x17″. It was woven with a makeshift loom made from a corrugated cardboard box. In general, it was a nice afternoon craft.


I decided to explore the rug idea further, this time with a crochet hook.

The original tutorial uses a very thick rope and the largest crochet hook imaginable. I fudged and used my T-shirt yarn and a size ‘N’ hook, which is the largest I could find in my Mom’s stash.



Since the yarn I used is thinner than the rope, the pattern did not make the 4 ft rug as shown. Once again, I just fudged my way though it and repeated the pattern to the best of my ability until I used up all of my yarn.





It was a challenge to add onto the rug without making the edges ripple, but overall I am very happy with the result.


I think this rug will make its home in my tiny kitchen in Kansas City.



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