Back to [Sushi] School

School has started up again, and this time I am in a class called “Cuisines Across Cultures”. This is obviously a class about different styles of food from different regions of the world. And…

Today was sushi day!


Raw fish (left) and Naturally Colored Fly Fish Eggs (right)

All of the fish and other ingredients were freshly cut and made today, which is a must in the land of sushi. Everything is also kept very cold, which is another must.

Julienne Cucumber and Sushi Rolling Mat

Julienne Cucumber and Sushi Rolling Mat

I must admit, I am still growing into sushi. The textures involved are much different from what I am used to, as well as the tastes. However, I am finding that if I have just one piece, I must have another. It is a very addictive food.

I began with the simplest rolls, and some that I knew I would like. The Philadelphia Roll (which has salmon and cream cheese) and Spicy Crab Roll.

Basic Philidelphia Roll and Spicy Crab Roll

Basic Philadelphia Roll and Spicy Crab Roll

I attempted to work on a roll with a bit more of a challenge. The roll begins with having sushi rice on the outside, and then sliced avocado is placed on top of it. It makes one cute little Caterpillar!



Inside of Caterpillar Roll

Inside of Caterpillar Roll

The next was a rainbow roll. The inside is filled with the spicy crab mixture, plum flavored fly fish eggs and cucumber. The outside is covered in rice like the caterpillar roll, but instead of avocado it is layered with scallops, salmon, eel and tuna, with avocado to separate each fish.




My final roll had tuna, cucumber and avocado. The outside is covered with every color of fly fish eggs we had. It is my own version of the rainbow roll! I love how the bright colors pop against the white rice background.

Fly Fish Egg Roll

Fly Fish Egg Roll


I thought sushi would be easier to roll than it was. Of course, my chef made it seem so easy. The challenge is to make sure the roll isn’t overly stuffed. My first two rolls had this mishap, but I made sure to hide the evidence and eat them before anyone saw. Delicious mistakes!




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  1. In Mexico adapted new flavors to sushi…like mango slices inside of roll or with tampico sauce (surimi, mayonaise & jalapeño chili) & can eat with soy sauce with lemon and green chili

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