Foodie Sculptures

We learned how to make fancy things out of food today. It gave me a chance to break out my arty background, which really got me excited!

Tomato Rose

Tomato Rose

We started with the tomato rose, using a roma tomato. You use the base of the tomato for the base of the flower, then peel off the rest of the tomato skin in one long strip, then roll it to create the interior petals. Simple and quick.

radish flowerse

The cut is called the “wolf’s tooth”, clearly because of the sharp edges. These happen to be radishes, with the interior cored out with a melon baller, then replaced with a carrot ball.

The next is a flower made from a rutabaga, or it can be made from any other hard root vegetable. It starts with a 1/2 inch cross section, then using tools similar to wood carving tools, you cut into it. You first create the sections of where the petals will be, then eventually cut the flower out of the solid veggie.

d 1e






Then we practiced with a potato. First making a cube, then begin carving out the inside of it- forming a ball. My chef called this “Da Vinci’s Cube”.

sphere closee




You end up with a potato ball inside of a cage. The ball is not in any way connected to the outside cage, it just rattles around in there. It took awhile, but I really liked doing the intricate knife work.

We ended with melon carving. The real show stopper. I think it has a lot to do with the contrast you can get from the skin and the flesh of the melons.


canta closee


It is not the most perfect carving, but I was really proud of my first carving! It is definitely something I want to keep pursuing  Maybe someday I could be a professional fruit and vegetable carver…



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