Veggin’ Out

I’ve had packing on the brain. School ending. Two days left. Moving. Food.

Especially food.

It is difficult grocery shopping when you are about to move. What do you buy? Do you buy anything?
No one wants to have excess food go to waste, and no one especially wants to have to lug any more crap with them when they go.

So, what is a girl to do? Make veggie pasta salad. That’s what.
The go-to salad involves any fresh vegetables, rotini pasta, and italian salad dressing.


Cook the noodles, and run cool water on them. Cut up the vegetables. Add dressing to taste. That’s it.


It is the perfect salad because it is tasty, cheap, and lasts for a while, so it is there for you to munch on as you run frantically around your apartment (a.k.a. packing).

And once you’ve lost your motivation, it is coffee time.

My favorite coffee cup has been looking a little lonely lately, so I decided to make it a little jacket.

cozy fronte

The v-stitch from This blog.

cozy backe

I quite like it.

And then, once you get on a caffeine kick, and get distracted by your craft bin, you start doodling.

beetit fulle


I don’t like the taste of beets, but they sure are pretty.



I hope everyone is being productive! Enjoy!


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