Work in Progress

I swear I’m not being lazy. I know I kind of promised last time that I would write more blog posts, and it is true. I’m working on it.

In fact, I’ve been working on a new crocheting project. The unfortunate thing is that it is taking me awhile because it is an actual garment. The first one that I’v ever attempted to make.

It is a cute little shrug that I found on Lion Brand Yarn’s website.


It is appealing to me because there are only two major parts to the pattern, and they are basically rectangles. A lot of repetition. I have the first part done completely, and I’m about halfway done with the second. As long as I am diligent I figure I can get it done within a week.

Top portion

Top Portion

Bottom Portion

Bottom Portion

I’m still not sure how it is going to come together, even with the pattern in front of my face. However, I am confident that it will work out somehow. Also, I ran out of white yarn, so I switched to the blue for the back of the shrug. I will also probably run out of this color of blue and will switch to a lighter shade. I have so much yarn it makes no sense to go buy more just to finish one beginner project.

Cool thing about the Lion Brand Yarn website, if you create a free account you get all of these free patterns, which include cute little stuffed animal patterns! I made this little octopus years and years ago, but I still keep him around.



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