A Little Extra Cushion

I recently inherited a sewing machine from my Mom, which really opened up my options as far as crafting goes. Alas, once I got the sewing machine propped up on my little kitchen table I realized that I possessed none of the materials needed to actually create stuff. My Mom’s entire sewing room always overflowed with sewing materials, and it never occurred to me that I’d someday have to buy my own stuff. It never occurred to me how expensive it would be either- Yikes!

On my trek to Hobby Lobby I picked up the very basics: pins, thread, rotary cutter, cloth measuring tape and a seam ripper. A pin cushion was one thing that I desperately wanted to make for myself and there are a ton of cute options out there. I did a search on Pinterest and discovered a no-sew pin cushion. I realize how silly this is since I now HAVE a sewing machine, but it still appealed to me because the cushion is meant to go in a cute little tea cup for the base.

No-Sew Teacup Pin Cushion

You can see the outline around the green hoop. I just took a small plate used it as a template. I hate measuring, so this method was the best for me. I chose some blue material that I had in my stash, but it was a little bland for me.



I decided to dress it up with some embroidery.


Actually, it kind of looks like the embroidery monster threw up on it.




I like it, though.

It was very important to iron it out after it got out of the hoop. I didn’t want a weird, wrinkled pin cushion.

I followed my guide and cut the circle out. Then, I took a sharp needle and some thread and followed the edge of the circle, weaving the needle in and out as I went. I kept the stitches far apart from one another, so I could easily pull the string to gather the material and make a little poof.


I filled the cushion with standard poly-fiber stuffing, then closed it up for good.


The only step left was finding a little cup to put it in! Really, very simple.



This entire project made me excited to use my sewing machine! I can’t wait to find a new project to work with.






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