Apples and Bacon and Brie… oh my!

It is cold and rainy in Kansas City today, and my stomach screams for comfort food.

Mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, roasted potatoes are some of my all time favorites and grilled cheese is right in line with them. Instead of going for the American cheese variety (which is delicious, but kind of lame), I have opted for a fancier version.

Apples, turkey bacon, brie and dijon

Apples, turkey bacon, brie and dijon

Behold! The apple, bacon and brie grilled cheese.


It’s just delicious. I used turkey bacon, tart apples, slices of brie and a splash of dijon. Had I felt more productive I would have caramelized some onions.


That sandwich is stacked.

That sandwich is stacked.

Instead of the regular ho-hum lunch, go for something a little different! Put a spin on your standby. You’ll be glad you did.




3 responses

  1. Just catching up on your blog, Sarah! And I remembered that a few months ago at The Cafe (restaurant in Ames) I had an apple and brie grilled cheese on raisin walnut bread. It was so unexpectedly good!

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