Open Up Shop

I officially have my very own Etsy store!

Nimble Nimble (Apparently Nimble Fingers was not available as a store name. Eh. Nimble Nimble is cute.)

I’ve been working on making these small woodland animals for about a month now. They are 100% all mine.




From sketching, to pattern making and fabric choice and figuring out construction. Everything.



I like to think they have a goofy charm. They are not perfect, which is what I love the most about them. They have a personality. It is not manufactured. It is handmade.



I’m into experimenting with different patterned fabrics and colors to give them a little extra life. I also put some hand embroidered touches into the mix with the eyes and noses. If anyone loves the pattern but isn’t into the fabric, I am more than willing to take requests for custom pieces!



Along with the stuffed animals, I am selling small cross stitching ditties.

Que Sera Sera (whatever will be, will be)

(whatever will be, will be)

Right now I’m really into little affirmational sayings that just make you feel a little bit better when you’re feeling anxious. Even if it is for no reason at all.


Have your own favorite saying or phrase that makes you feel awesome? Let me know and I’ll put it in writing.

I will continuously be working on more items for Nimble Nimble, so keep checking out the store and if you love it, share it with your friends.



2 responses

  1. Sarah I love these!!! Can you show the rabbit picture against a different background color so we can see it better. I can’t believe how realistic they are but fun yet your own. Keep up the great charm…..

  2. These are great, Sarah! I love that Etsy opens a platform for all kinds of artists. I have been thinking about opening one up for my candy-making… anyway, best of luck!

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