How to Fail

I’m sorry this isn’t craft related. All the crafts that I have been doing are related to birthday gifts and baby gifts, so I don’t want to spoil anything!

This time, I will make it personal.

It is important to know how to fail. I don’t like to fail, you don’t like to fail, no one likes to fail.

Today, I failed at going no ‘poo. After a month of washing my hair with baking soda, rinsing with apple cider vinegar, and deep conditioning with greek yogurt, eggs and honey, I gave up and washed my hair with regular shampoo and conditioner. I really wanted to give no ‘poo a try. It was kind of exciting even, something different. And if I could get away with never buying shampoo again, I was all for it. After awhile, I was starting to have some doubts. So, Like any sane girl in her 20’s, I made a pro’s and con’s list to help me out.

*Hint: When in doubt, make a pro’s and con’s list.


– My usually thin hair felt thicker and stronger with more body
– I didn’t have to wash my hair as much (aka, I was washing my hair every day and it got greasy almost 12 hours later before doing this)
– My hair grew crazy fast
– My hair seemed to be darker, which I liked.
– I didn’t have crazy fly-aways all the time
– I felt like I was doing something good to my hair and me
– Super cheap.

My hair right after a baking soda rinse. Pretty great, actually.

My hair right after a baking soda rinse. Pretty great, actually.


– My hair didn’t smell as awesome. It just smelled like hair.
– My hair would still get kind of greasy after a few days of rinsing, then I would have to spend the rest of the week wearing a ponytail.
– It didn’t work with my profession. As a cook, I am constantly around food, including a grill and a wood smoker. My head smelled like a mixture of smoked meats and roasted vegetables.
– Heavy hair was an issue. I will blame this one on the water in my shower. The minerals just built up in my hair and made it feel heavy and gunky. Not cool. I could have bought a filtered shower head, but who really wants to do that? Too much work.
– I thought my hair would get closer to its natural state, and in my case I thought it would get wavier. Instead, the heaviness just weighed it down and made it mostly straight with weird lumps.

In the end, I felt guilty giving up no ‘poo. And maybe I did give up too easily. The great thing about this whole experience is that I tried something new and saw what my hair could be. Turns out, I just like it better shampooed and conditioned. I will go out of my way to buy some nicer organic shampoos next time.

I am not sorry that my hair smells like cucumbers and feels lighter than air, though. Better luck next time.

If anyone is interested in giving no ‘poo a try check out AlmostExactly’s blog and go to her no ‘poo section. She gives the best tips and tricks and warnings about this new hair care routine.