How to Fail

I’m sorry this isn’t craft related. All the crafts that I have been doing are related to birthday gifts and baby gifts, so I don’t want to spoil anything!

This time, I will make it personal.

It is important to know how to fail. I don’t like to fail, you don’t like to fail, no one likes to fail.

Today, I failed at going no ‘poo. After a month of washing my hair with baking soda, rinsing with apple cider vinegar, and deep conditioning with greek yogurt, eggs and honey, I gave up and washed my hair with regular shampoo and conditioner. I really wanted to give no ‘poo a try. It was kind of exciting even, something different. And if I could get away with never buying shampoo again, I was all for it. After awhile, I was starting to have some doubts. So, Like any sane girl in her 20’s, I made a pro’s and con’s list to help me out.

*Hint: When in doubt, make a pro’s and con’s list.


– My usually thin hair felt thicker and stronger with more body
– I didn’t have to wash my hair as much (aka, I was washing my hair every day and it got greasy almost 12 hours later before doing this)
– My hair grew crazy fast
– My hair seemed to be darker, which I liked.
– I didn’t have crazy fly-aways all the time
– I felt like I was doing something good to my hair and me
– Super cheap.

My hair right after a baking soda rinse. Pretty great, actually.

My hair right after a baking soda rinse. Pretty great, actually.


– My hair didn’t smell as awesome. It just smelled like hair.
– My hair would still get kind of greasy after a few days of rinsing, then I would have to spend the rest of the week wearing a ponytail.
– It didn’t work with my profession. As a cook, I am constantly around food, including a grill and a wood smoker. My head smelled like a mixture of smoked meats and roasted vegetables.
– Heavy hair was an issue. I will blame this one on the water in my shower. The minerals just built up in my hair and made it feel heavy and gunky. Not cool. I could have bought a filtered shower head, but who really wants to do that? Too much work.
– I thought my hair would get closer to its natural state, and in my case I thought it would get wavier. Instead, the heaviness just weighed it down and made it mostly straight with weird lumps.

In the end, I felt guilty giving up no ‘poo. And maybe I did give up too easily. The great thing about this whole experience is that I tried something new and saw what my hair could be. Turns out, I just like it better shampooed and conditioned. I will go out of my way to buy some nicer organic shampoos next time.

I am not sorry that my hair smells like cucumbers and feels lighter than air, though. Better luck next time.

If anyone is interested in giving no ‘poo a try check out AlmostExactly’s blog and go to her no ‘poo section. She gives the best tips and tricks and warnings about this new hair care routine.


The Journey

How vague, right? A lot has been going on but it is mostly revolving around two things: my Etsy shop and my hair. Both are a journey.

All of the crafty things done lately have revolved around my Etsy shop NimbleNimble. I’ve sold a couple of things, thus having to add a couple new!

I cut out five animals this morning, including some bunnies and cats of all colors!

I cut out five animals this morning, including some bunnies and cats of all colors!


Today I worked on a “Climbing Buddy” for a coworker who is very into rock climbing. The animal gets a D ring sewn onto its back, so it can then be attached to the harness. I absolutely loved this idea and ran with it. 

The beginning of the cat. You can see the head with the ears attached.

The beginning of the cat. You can see the head with the ears attached.

The half sewn/ half pinned body.

The half sewn/ half pinned body.


Because of the smaller scale I found it difficult to put in some of the sewing detail on the body. To make up for it I did some special embroidery for the face. She said she wanted a cat, so I went with a mountain lion.

The finished body with a cute little nose.

The finished body with a cute little nose.


I was very happy with the outcome! I plan on exploring more embroidery detail on my next pieces.

I was very happy with the outcome! I plan on exploring more embroidery detail on my next pieces.




On a side note: Since I haven’t been exploring different tracks of craft-dom, I’ve noticed myself getting a bit restless. One of those restless bouts that make you do something drastic to your hair. I just cut it and I’ve really been liking my natural color lately so those things were out of the running. I’ve been annoyed with my hair lately because it seems very lack luster. Boring. Not as wavy as it could be and just plain thin.

To combat all of this I’ve ventured into the land of No-‘Poo. As in no shampoo. As in washing your hair with diluted baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I should just make an entire post on this, but since this is not a beauty blog, I shall refrain. If you’re wondering why the hell I would choose to do such a thing check out this girls blog. She has tons of information on the subject and it makes me feel less insane.

I will let you know that my hair is pretty greasy for now, which is normal. It should calm down and I will turn from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. That is my hope, at least.

Until then, I will continue to craft my butt off for my new store.



Birds of a Feather

As you all know I am creating my on parrot costume. I have the wings and a red dress/shirt already, but to make myself a little more bird-like I’ve decided to make a feathered bib-necklace.

You Need

1/2 Sheet of felt

Hot Glue


Embellishments (feathers, beads, jewels, sequins, etc.)


1. Begin with 1/2 a sheet of felt, whatever color you decide is best.

2. Fold in half. Hamburger style.

3. With these two cuts you will make your blocky piece of felt into a swooping bib necklace. Since my necklace represents a feathery bird breast, mine is rather wide and I did not cut much off. If you want a necklace for everyday I suggest making it more narrow, thus taking more felt off.

4. Open your newly cut felt up and check out the shape. Do you like it? If you don’t, cut more off. It is always safer to cut less to begin with, then edit from there.

5. Once you are happy with the shape of your felt begin placing embellishments. I always lay things out first before I secure them with the hot glue, and if you are using something like beads or sequins it will probably benefit you as well.

6. Everything laid out and planned? Good. Now you can start gluing! I used hot glue, but you can also use tacky craft glue. Again, it all depends on what you are using to decorate your necklace.

7. Gather ribbon for the ties on your necklace. You will want two pieces, both with enough length to tie around your neck. I chose a thin red ribbon for mine, but feel free to play with different widths to create the look you want. I put a dab of hot glue on either side of the felt and set the ribbon at an angle so the necklace will sit nicely without bunching in the center.

8. Wear! I can’t wait to get the rest of my costume together and show you all how it turns out.

Please, excuse the bed head and sketchy bathroom lighting

This necklace is a little outrageous and you may not want to wear it as an everyday jewelry piece. However, if you used a thinner piece of felt and other sequins or beads or whatever it is that inspires you- go for it! It is simple, light and comfortable to wear.

I might just make myself another one to wear in a more casual setting.